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Chewable ED Tablets
With BOTH Sildenafil &
Tadalafil prescribed online.

Men want getting hard to be easy!

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Fast, easy and efficient process
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Chewable tablets
Dosing that works
Standalone locations in IL and MO
The Chew For You!
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80 mg
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20 mg
As low as $20 per dose
Pack of 10 for $200
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How it works?

Step 01
Shoot Us A Text 618-744-1000
Text us or start an online chat.
We will text you a link with an
intake form that takes less then
5 minutes to complete.
Step 02
Connect With A Medical Provider
Our licensed medical providers
will review your intake form and
text you to let you know if you
have been approved for
Step 03
Payment & Packaging
Once approved we will text you
a payment link and your meds
will be shipped directly to your

Bite when it's right!

Fast, convenient, ED treatment.

No doctor visits.
Text a real person.
The best chew for
you with dosing that
actually works!
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We know what works!

Why? Because we have treated thousands of
men in our standalone locations and have
developed our chewable based on real life clinical experience!

Who wants to focus on "dysfunction"
when we can emphasize "enhancement"?

Allow us to ENHANCE your love life!

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